“If you are looking for a way to remove your daily stress and breathe in the moment, yoga is your friend. Make yourself a favour and drop your keyboard for some healthy pauses”.
Christian Properini, EEA

“Having yoga classes with Dittemaria is a real pleasure and a great treat for the body and soul! The practice of yoga during the lunch breaks at work has been very beneficial to balance all the stress and pressure of my demanding work, but the effects go much beyond the work sphere. The way Dittemaria teaches, the focus on breath and being moved by breath, brings the physical benefits of the practice into my daily life… to ground myself and keep a smile coming from deep inside even when Spring looks like Autumn in this part of Scandinavia. So, I don’t hesitate a second to recommend the yoga practice with Dittemaria!”
Carlos Romao, EEA

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Öresundshuset AB

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