We want to be a cheaper and easier solution than the nearest yoga studio. Our prices vary depending on the length of the contract.
If you are interested in more than one class pr. week, please contact us for a offer.

6 months contract — one weekly class
Max. 15 p. Max 20 p.
SEK 1500 SEK 2000
(Just SEK 100 pr. participant, pr. week)

3 months contract — one weekly class<
Max. 15 p. Max. 20 p.
SEK 1800 SEK 2400
(Just SEK 120 pr. participant, pr. week)

Single event
Max. 15 p. Max 20 p.
SEK 2300 SEK 3000
(App. SEK 150 pr. participant, pr. event)

A contract includes one weekly class over the agreed period. Prices shown are pr. weekly class.
Mats, SEK 20 pr. mat, pr. session.
Prices are subject to 6% VAT